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Terms and conditions


All prices on WoodPrint’s website are indicative only, to receive an exact price, please request a quotation. VAT, packaging and delivery charges will be added to all prices.


All orders for WoodPrint products must be made online and by e-mail for prices to be valid.

General conditions

If you are under 18 you must have written parental permission to place an order. We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions without notice.


Your order will usually be sent within five (5) working days. The package will be delivered to your nearest post office/postal agent. Uncollected packages will be charged in full price, plus return delivery costs.


We will replace your product with a new one if you receive broken or faulty deliveries. Faulty and discarded products shall be returned to us unless otherwise agreed. Please e-mail all claims to info@woodprint.se


WoodPrint’s concept is to provide customer tailored and unique products, we do not therefore offer an open return policy.


We are happy to send you samples of WoodPrint’s products free of charge if you are interested in the material. Click here to request a sample or click on the button.

Quality mark


WoodPrint is a unique, high-quality, high-status product. That’s why all printed products from WoodPrint have the “WoodPrint.se” quality mark to assure their origin. If you prefer unmarked products, please indicate this with your order.

The “WoodPrint.se” quality mark is placed in one corner of the product, or along one edge. To choose where to place the quality mark on your printed product, click here to download the quality mark (“WoodPrint.se” must be at least 19 mm wide and scaled 1:1). If your PDF file does not include the quality mark and you have agreed that the mark can be used, WoodPrint will determine where to place the mark in an appropriate place on the product, before printing takes place.


We usually invoice with 30 days credit. New customers, private customers and smaller companies will be invoiced in advance, before production starts.