If you’d like help with designing your WoodPrint products, feel free to contact one of our resellers or request a quotation. We’ll quote you a price based on your preferences and your creative ideas for your printed products.

Contours / Shapes

WoodPrint products come in several different shapes, contours and sizes. Below you’ll find our templates for standard shapes and simpler shapes. The advanced shapes below can also be used as templates, or you can create your own totally unique shape, and attach it as a print-ready PDF file when you place your order.

Standard shapes (straight corners + circle)
[no additional cost]


Simpler shapes (rounded corners + oval)
[10% extra on the price]


Advanced shapes (or create your own unique shape)
[30% extra on the price]


Click here to download a file with the above shapes »

Create a print-ready file yourself

If you have design experience and know how to use the program Adobe Illustrator, you can create print-ready files for WoodPrint with the help of our instruction sheet.

Quality mark


WoodPrint is a unique, high-quality, high-status product. That’s why all printed products from WoodPrint have the “” quality mark to assure their origin. If you prefer unmarked products, please indicate this with your order.

The “” quality mark is placed in one corner of the product, or along one edge. To choose where to place the quality mark on your printed product, click here to download the quality mark (“” must be at least 19 mm wide and scaled 1:1). If your PDF file does not include the quality mark and you have agreed that the mark can be used, WoodPrint will determine where to place the mark in an appropriate place on the product, before printing takes place.