About WoodPrint

With WoodPrint, we can guarantee that your message will stand out from the crowd. WoodPrint products positively shout out exclusivity and environmental awareness. And when people receive a printed product made of wood in their hands, it’s always a conversation starter.

For who?

WoodPrint products are suitable for all businesses, but of course, every carpenter and house builder should have a business card made of wood. Right? Restaurants and bars looking for a different kind of menu will love the material used. All manner of invitations and thank you cards are sure to be remembered with WoodPrint. Information signs, reference materials – you name it. Only your imagination will limit what you can do with WoodPrint.

What is WoodPrint?

WoodPrint can’t be compared with traditional paper printing, either offset or digital. Our entire production, from tree to finished product, requires a completely different process. The material used is a worldwide patented printable veneer. The sheets, that are approximately 600 x 600 mm, are flat printed using Ecolabelled UV curing inks with a resolution of 1000 dpi. The finished product is then cut out with CNC technology, which means sizes and shapes are almost unlimited.

This is how WoodPrint is made (pictures coming soon):

  • Planing
  • Pressing
  • Flat printing
  • Post-processing


When you choose WoodPrint you’re getting an incredibly environmentally-friendly product.


The WoodPrint brand name is owned by Grizzly JemtReklam AB i Östersund which also manufactures and delivers the products. Find out more at grizzly.se »